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Herbal Tea
Product Name Packing Description
Cough Tea 2g x 20 Cough Tea helps to expel out excessive phlegm in productive cough and endows soothing relief in dry cough and sore throat. It effectively mitigates nasal congestion, running nose, and associated headache and malaise as well.
Diabex Tea 2g x 20 Diabex Tea is an effective adjuvant for Pre-diabetes and overt Type 2 Diabetes mellitus as it helps maintain blood sugar level within the normal range. It effectively delays the progression of Diabetes and the onset of allied complications.
Digestive Tea 2g x 20 This Appetizing and Carminative Tea effectively improves digestion, allays flatulence and associated abdominal discomfort. Digestive Tea is an efficient Liver Stimulant and Stomachic as well.
Slim Tea 2g x 20 Slim Tea effectively aids in curbing excessive body weight, Obesity and Dyslipidemia.
Ginger Tea 2g x 20 Ginger tea is especially beneficial in case of sore throat, nasal congestion and body ache. It endows a soothing and warming relief in cold and breezy weather conditions.
Relax Tea 2g x 20 Relax Tea soothes the nerves and gives respite from tension, fatigue and anxiety. It is extremely beneficial in insomnia and disturbed sleep as well.
Stressrid Tea 2g x 20 Stressrid Tea with potent aptogens significantly combats stress, strain and depression. It alleviates laziness and lethargy, endowing strength, energy and vitality.
Laxit Tea 2g x 20 Laxit Tea is extremely useful in acute and chronic Constipation and significantly mitigates allied symptoms, such as indigestion, flatulence and abdominal discomfort.
Kapha Tea 2g x 20 "Kapha Tea stimulates and perks up energy levels, abolishing dullness and lethargy. It is especially recommended for damp and cold days. "
Pitta Tea 2g x 20 Pitta Tea endows calming and soothing relief to mind and body. It allays excessive sweating, feeling of warmth, itching and burning sensation in body. This cooling tea also helps relieve hot flushes, headache, heartburn, acidity and excessive thirst. It keeps your Skin soft, smooth and youthfully radiant. Pitta tea is recommended for all individuals when the weather is hot.
Vata Tea 2g x 20 Vata Tea relieves stress, anxiety, restlessness and fatigue. It is beneficial in palpitations, chills, tremors, dryness and sleep disorders. Vata tea also provides soothing effect for all individuals in cold and dry weather conditions.
Papaya Tea 2g x 20 Enriched with Tulasi, Saunf and Shunthi, ‘Papaya Leaf Tea’ significantly improves digestion, and allays heartburn, dyspepsia and flatulence. It effectively boosts immunity and improves Skin texture, endowing a clear, smooth, supple and soft skin. This Herbal Tea is extremely useful as an adjuvant in abnormal tissue growths / tumors as well.
Tridosha Tea 2g x 20 "Tridosha Tea efficiently establishes a state of equilibrium of all the three basic humors - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Enriched with Lemongrass, Chamomile, Clove and Cinnamon, this calming yet invigorating herbal blend soothes the mind and the body while re-energizing the system from within. "
Femismooth Tea 2g x 20 An ideal herbal infusion for females of all age groups that balances the menstrual cycles, helps combat excessive and irregular bleeding (menorrhagia and polymenorrhea), works against dysmenorrhea and PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome), checks white discharge per vaginum (leucorrhea) and significantly improves overall well-being.
Menoeve Tea 2g x 20 Menoeve Tea is extremely useful for females in peri-menopausal age group as it aids in smoother transition to the golden years, maintaining the hormonal balance. This herbal infusion effectively mitigates the symptoms associated with menopausal syndrome and enhances physical and mental well-being of females during that phase.
Calcicor Tea 2g x 20 A proprietary blend of antioxidant, calcium-rich and anti-osteoporotic herbs, such as Dill, Jayphal and Ashthishrankhla, Calcicor Tea efficiently helps promote bone and teeth health. This delicious herbal blend supports healthy digestion and metabolism as well.
Green Tea 2g x 20 "Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), this zero-calorie health beverage is an extremely potent free radical scavenger, which lowers the risk of bacterial or viral infections to chronic degenerative conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, gall stones, periodontal disease and osteoporosis. Green Tea significantly promotes fat loss, increases exercise endurance, improves insulin sensitivity, protects the liver and kidney, protects against cognitive decline, and delays the onset of premature signs of aging. Its detoxifying impact endows a clear, smooth and glowing complexion. "